Sense Unit and or KP115s causing 2.4Ghz Network Issues?

Ever since I installed the Sense and three KP115s (done at the same time), I started having issues with my Tuya smart switches and bulbs on the same WIFI network. I have 32 such devices. All was fine until the Sense/KP115. After I installed the Sense/KP115’s, the Tuya devices would randomly drop off the network in large groups.

After a week or so I suspected the Sense/KP115 installation and moved them to a different WIFI network from the Tuya devices. It’s now been three days and all seems stable again with this new setup.

Is it possible that the data flow from the KP115s/Sense was causing either the main 2.4GHz network or the Tuya devices to misbehave?

Main WIFI network is 2.4GHz/5GHz with a single SSID, comprised of three Apple Airport Extremes 802.11 abcn. All 3 in bridge (WAP only) mode, Ethernet home runs to the main router with DHCP coming from the Verizon router.

New Sense/KP115 only network is the built-in 2.4GHz only WIFI of the Verizon router. Different SSID from the main Apple WIFI. This network was previously turned off. WIFI signal is marginal to two of the KP115’s at the far end of the house but the devices are not loosing connection to the Sense.

Who know. Sense monitor broadcasts a call for data every 2 secs. KP115s respond. Not a lot of traffic, but very regular activity.

I’m hoping it wasn’t just two coincidences since moving to the new WIFI network appears to have solved the issue.