Sense working also as surge protector and few more

I wish Sense can act as a whole house surge protector? I would say around 50kA/phase with 200kA clamp Amps is more than enough for most homes. But doing so, Sense can report back to user surges too.

Next, if anyone noticed, for example when a heavy-duty compressor (HVAC AC) comes on, the 1 ms spike. That’s the inRush Amps and usually also may have a surge. Sense can be modified to detect and store and display such inRush Amps to end user.

Finally, surge protection is great, how about EMF supression or noise supression? Just a thought. Or perhaps a secondary screen reporting the same, i.e. the interference?

Reports on surges and some indication of severity would be great. I have a whole house surge protector and it would be good to know if it’s taking any major hits.

Surges can be both a current and voltage phenomena.

A typical inrush current spike from a motor or transient load is something that Sense can pick up on and you can use Goals to notify for that … as a pseudo over-current alert because you know (or at least assume) the input voltage is somewhat constant: P=IV.

I think Sense has some more sophisticated alerts in the works given that this has come up in the Community quite regularly. In-rush currents are also fundamental to detection so one could assume that load-side patterns will be alerted for … some can indicate potential device failure so Sense is really interested in those.

Meanwhile, something like a lightning spike could zap your gear unless you have a surge protector of some form. Sense itself is safe up to 2kV I believe but that doesn’t mean it can measure that transient voltage. I don’t believe things would be calibrated for anything above a much more modest limit, probably determined by an MOV or current limiter.

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