Devices plugged in to Belkin surge protector

I have many devices, such as TV, reciver, DVD, Dish DVR, computers, monitors, routers, bose speakers, printers, laptops connected to Belking surge protectors like Belkin BZ111200-06 Conceal Surge Protector. Some are always on and some are not. Any chance the devices will be sensed?

Unlike a pure-sine UPS that presents Sense with a smoothed-out signal from the loads plugged into it, a surge protector like yours isn’t doing anything significant to affect the load. To Sense, each device will present in much the same way as it manifests when plugged into a non-surge-protected power strip or, for that matter, a dedicated outlet.

A way to ponder this is to consider a complex device like a fridge: compressor, fans, defrost heating element, lights … all these individual components are potentially detectable by Sense and in fact what Sense has to do to detect a “fridge” device, disaggregating it from the rest of your devices in the house, is to aggregate those components! So Sense technology is about both disaggregation and aggregation. The push-and-pull of what constitutes significant variation in the overall electrical signal.

A surge protector is also, btw, primarily about protecting the devices plugged into it from an electrical spike on the feed side (from your panel) versus the load side (from the devices plugged into it).

In theory Sense could detect surges but in practice a significant surge through an unprotected panel would likely nuke the Sense itself. A seriously surge-protected UPS-powered Sense monitor with very beefy CTs could in theory capture something like a lightning surge through a panel … the question is should it be orange with red stripes and/or do you put a little lighting bolt on the house logo?

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