UPS and power detection


Much of my electronic gear (computers, network gear, entertainment system, etc.) plug into UPS gear to protect them from the spring-through-fall thunderstorms (and the attendant power surges / spikes and outages) we experience. Safe to assume Sense would not be able to detect devices configured that way as their power signatures would be filtered by the UPS signature?

(Not a complaint, by the way.)


I could be wrong, but I’m fairly sure that I remember reading that being behind a UPS didn’t hinder detection…but that having been said, many/most of the devices that one would plug into a UPS are often amongst the many things that Sense is unlikely to detect regardless - small transformers, networking gear, routers, modems, etc. Your complement of gear plugged into the UPS sounds very similar to mine. My solution was to utilize the new option of a HS110 smart plug - I simply plugged the UPS into an HS110 and everything connected to it is now at least measured as a group - better than it all being attributed to “other” as it was before.


+1… nondetection of UPS-connected loads is almost definitely due to that type of load not having a detectable signature to begin with.

Certain UPS architectures could mask a normally detectable device from Sense, but you’re not likely to have one of those style UPSes in your house.


I vaguely recall that Sense will detect things behind a UPS if it has passive power factor correction but will not if it has active power factor correction.


This is the case. Standard UPSs should have no effects on device detection, but active pf correction can limit detection possibilities.


For anyone interested, here is a good paper on different UPS topologies:

Most consumer UPSes in the <2 kVA size are standby or line interactive types. These essentially just pass AC through when not in battery mode. Double-conversion UPSes, which are also available in small sizes but are more expensive, less efficient, and not as common, first rectify incoming AC, then pass it back through an inverter to supply the output. Sense has little to no chance of identifying anything passing through such a UPS.