Is there any hope of detecting this?



I have a 675W double-conversion UPS running all the network and communications gear in my house. I’m pretty sure this accounts for most of my “always on” load, but would like it to actually be identified. Given that it’s double-conversion and the signatures of anything on the other side are likely masked by AC->DC->AC, is it even remotely likely that this will be detected at some point?



Hey Dan,

Great question. Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that this will be detected in the near future. It is possible, at some point, that we will be able to provide more information about your Always On though.


Thanks, Ben. This might be a good use case for something like “expert manual training” or something of the like. In other words, a way for a user to concretely simulate a particular load and then define it in the app as a known device/system.


Just to put my two cents in. I can see the issues seeing ‘through’ the UPS but not the UPS itself. Shouldn’t the UPS be seen as any other electrical device? It uses power, etc…

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