Share Your Sense 400 amp single monitor setup

There are many people with 400 amp service that either have a single monitor on only one 200 amp panel or use dual monitors with 2 accounts.
My feeling is a lot of people are missing out and could be using a single monitor for their entire 400 amp service.
From what I’ve seen and read, most are looking at the panels where the breakers are for the only place to install Sense. By taking their monitor and installing it or the clamps at the meter socket or even right before their meter, they could use just one account and monitor.
There are also others ways to accomplish a single setup.
I hope those that have theirs installed with just one Sense will share their stories and picture to help others.

Hi there,

Just re-installed mine last weekend. I originally had planned to do the two sense setup as I have a parallel feed, but after reading the success of people going pre-meter I went back and took a second look.

I have a setup where a single feed gets split after the meter, both runs go to the main panel where both 200 amp breakers live (the second panel is then fed back from that breaker.) Initially I tried to put the clamps in the breaker panel, in the image you can see the feeds from the meter are pretty close together when they come out of the meter, but unfortunately not close enough to get the clamps around them.

Then I looked at the service panel below the meter. It looks like the clip they “lock” the panel with was the same clip they used when the house was built and after years in the sun it basically turned to dust when I touched it. So, I opened up that panel and the clamps fit easily around the feed. I was able to thread the connector through the grommets that the feed lines from the meter use, so I didn’t have to drill or anything.
I took the photo before I attached the clamps to the feed lines, but you can see the solar clamps on the upper left side of the breaker panel. There is another breaker panel to the left of the meter that is out of sight of the photo.

So far it seems to work pretty well. Still new setup, so nothing but 3 fridges and 3 AC units. I don’t think I have any clipping issues yet, peak usage so far is 39,815 w.

I don’t know much, but I am happy to answer any questions. (and if I did something wrong, happy to be taught.)


That’s great!
Glad your situation allowed for the conversion to a single monitor. I don’t think you’ll have any problems or “clipping” either.
The pics don’t really show where you put the clamps but I assume they are right under the meter in that panel?
Having six detections since last weekend is terrific.
Just so others will know, which reset did you use?
Was it the data reset or factory?

Correct, the clamps are under the meter, attached to the the two outside feeds. (the one with the yellow stripe doesn’t get a clamp, the other two do.
I will try and remember to get a photo with the clamps wires in over over the weekend to update.
I used the data reset.
Another trouble I overcame, I have a number of access points around the house, and although the Sense guidance that it has to be locked to one AP is well communicated and certainly no secret, I admit I banged my head against the wall too many times trying to figure out why my sense kept going offline. I isolated an AP that had a 2.4ghz channel for the sense and everything is happy so far.

I run dual 200 amp circuits into my house. The problem is that the transformer is in the Far side of the yard and from there to my house there are two 200 amp distinct circuits. So… no single point where I can install the Sense CTs.

What I did was splice two sets of CTs in series (not in parallel- tried in parallel, but Sense did not recognise the CTs at all) and let it loose. I know this is an unsupported config, but Surpassingly it all works well, discovers new devices as expected, measures total consumption correctly, etc. In a word- success. It may clip over 200 amps, but it is for a very short period of time and does not change my measurements and stats enough for me to care.


Thanks for your story here. I’ve wondered about using clamps in series but have only one monitor.
Maybe @RyanAtSense can forward this to their team. Maybe your perseverance has found something that are unaware will work.

Any chance you have a photo of how you did this? Did you just buy the solar sensors to splice?

I bought the solar clamps and spliced them in series. Seems to be working like a charm.

I have the same issue. Want to try the same approach. Can you post a photo? Want to see what you mean by “spliced them in series”

thanks in advance