Multiple Sense Monitors on a account

Hello Fellow Sense users!

I am a new Sense monitor owner and have just had multiple monitors installed. Now I am eager and excited to get them to do their work.

I am having some challenges that I am hoping that someone in this community can assist me with, and for that I would like to thank you all in advance.

I am trying to get multiple (four) sense monitors attached to my account for monitoring. The high level question is if this can be done and if not, what have others done to resolve such a situation.

Next is a problem I have potentially created and now need help undoing.

I detected a Sense monitor (#1), connected it to my Wifi and then created my account to set it up.Then I logged off from my account, detected the next Sense monitor (#2) connected it to Wifi and created an account with SAME email id and password used for the monitor#1. Ironically the Sense system allowed a second account (supposedly) to be created with the same email id. I thought now both monitors will be in my account. Well the account only has monitor #2 and monitor #1 is missing!

Then I log off again, detect monitor#1 and try to connect to it and it claims that this is already connected to an account and so cannot be connected to! Well now I have monitor#1 connected to an account that only has monitor#2 and so I cannot seem to ever access. Need help in trying to figure out how to resolve this situation.

Thanks again for any help I can get for this issue.

Apologies if I am posting this incorrectly, will try to learn and get it right with time.


This cannot be done at this time. You need to use a separate account per monitor.

Can I ask, what’s your use case with four monitors? Four separate properties?

For this, you should definitely reach out to the Support team. They can get you settled. You can reach them at

Background: This is a large estate home with a 800 Amp service with a guest house. Since it was difficult to add the Sense monitor to the main panel, we decided to place it on (presently) 4 of the 8 sub-panels in this estate.

Since I will need to have separate accounts, I will reach out to the support team to figure out how to get my monitor#1 reset and then attached to a different account.

I must say that after reading the blogs, it is surprising that Sense has not as yet figured out after 3 years how to get multiple devices on a single account. This is a major issue to resolve before I can reccomend Sense to all my friends in this very expensive (top 5 zip codes in the country) neighborhood where most homes will need multiple meters and people would be happy to install!

Thanks anyway.


Support will definitely fix that issue for you.

We do note on our compatibility specs that Sense is only compatible with homes up to 200A at this time.

400A (and greater) is indeed a future need but it’s still a very small subset of users and, perhaps suprisingly, a significant amount of work to implement. I would encourage you to ‘like’ the relevant thread in Product Wishlist to show your support: Multiple monitor and 400A support

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I would like to add a rationale for the Sense team to expedite developing a feature to add multiple sense monitors on ONE account. This should not be rocket science for a company that prides itself in cutting edge Machine Learning software for sensing power.

Entering 2020, the adoption of Electric cars is going to explode. In CA and (Silicon Valley) where I live, it is already a popular option. With this comes need for additional power in your home. All CA home starts (other than small apartments/condos) today are starting OFF with 400Amp service and the larger homes in my area have 600A service with some going to an 800A level!

So needing more than ONE Sense Monitors becomes table stakes and adoption of these monitors will not grow until there is a convenient way for a customer to have them on a single account. Look at the benefit:

  • You sell more meters (some of course will not like this, but will need to for their Amp higher service)
  • Customer with need of multiple meters start adopting Sense if the account issue is resolved and marketed well by the company.

I hope your marketing team and CEO realizes the lost potential in not having this feature.


I am a new Sense owner. Just bought 4 units and now am in a dilemma since I require 4 accounts!!



Two things.

  1. Not sure if you “liked” the original wishlist request here.
    Multiple Sense Monitors in ONE Account
    If not, please do.

  2. I have a Silicon Valley 400A service with two 200A subpanels, and 3 EVs. I have been able to sidestep the issue by putting CTs on the pre-meter mains. But if I wasn’t able to do this, I would use two units, two separate accounts and simply combine them via data export for now… Too much good info not to do it immediately.

Good luck with your four new Senses !

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Thanks for the suggestion. I have a 800A service for an estate home with a guest house and an emergency sub-panel for the home fed by 4 Tesla Power Walls. Overall the design has 7 sub-panels of which I plan right now to only monitor 4. A rather large set up that obviously is not too common. So now that I know the limitations of Sense, I will be setting up separate accounts to take care of this set up.

Quick question: How do I reach out to someone in Support at Sense?


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Three ways to contact support.

  1. email
  2. via web -
  3. Under help in the app.

Do you have solar with the PowerWalls ? And do you have Sense solar ? The extra CT monitoring that comes with the solar option might also be useful for monitoring PowerWall contribution, even though the Tesla app gives some insight, too. Look on this forum for recommendations of some of the PowerWall users.

I have Tesla/SolarCity solar, but no PowerWall yet, but the recent PG&E outages have pushed me to consider one.

@RajivP, do the CT clamps fit and close around your 800A main before branches? The house would likely rarely, if ever, pull more than 200A at a time, and Sense would just clip during those times, which wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Or, if the Sense CTs don’t fit, find a CT that does with the same winding count and hook it up instead. Or, wire CTs in parallel, 1 for each sub panel, with their common point being as close to the Sense unit as possible, making sure each CT is orientated the same way.

Anyway, I agree that Sense should support multiple units, both for cases like yours with large house with multiple panels, and for people with multiple independent properties. Seems like this would drive extra unit sales.

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As I noted in your other thread on this subject, please like the Wishlist thread here: Multiple monitor and 400A support

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