Multiple Sense Monitors in ONE Account

I would like to add a rationale for the Sense team to expedite developing a feature to add multiple sense monitors on ONE account. This should not be rocket science for a company that prides itself in cutting edge Machine Learning software for sensing power.

Entering 2020, the adoption of Electric cars is going to explode. In CA and (Silicon Valley) where I live, it is already a popular option. With this comes need for additional power in your home. All CA home starts (other than small apartments/condos) today are starting OFF with 400Amp service and the larger homes in my area have 600A service with some going to an 800A level!

So needing more than ONE Sense Monitors becomes table stakes and adoption of these monitors will not grow until there is a convenient way for a customer to have them on a single account. Look at the benefit:

  • You sell more meters (some of course will not like this, but will need to for their Amp higher service)
  • Customer with need of multiple meters start adopting Sense if the account issue is resolved and marketed well by the company.

I hope your marketing team and CEO realizes the lost potential in not having this feature.


I am a new Sense owner. Just bought 4 units and now am in a dilemma since I require 4 accounts!!


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