Can I have two separate sense installations.. 2nd home?

I want to install a second sense device but wondering how the iPhone App would work for the second one?


I’ve seen a few people asking this, without a definite answer. I have to think if you had a second email account you could use you could go back and forth signing in and out.


Of course you can do it. You would just have to use a different account name (email address) for the second install. It would be no different than you having one and me having one except you would have both of them.

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It sounds like there might be a few Product Wishlist items here.

“Provide the ability for one account to control more than one Sense unit/installation.”
“Provide easy ability to switch between Sense units/installations in Sense apps”


I appreciate the responses. I was worried about the App primarily, in having two units and the ability to switch between them. I guess, I could log out and log back in with different credentials.


I have two homes with separate Sense units. I had to create two accounts with separate emails. Sure would like to combine them and easily switch in the app. Sense? Please!


Brian, @svollum, and all, thanks for the suggestion. The ability to track multiple Sense monitors on one account is definitely a feature that we are planning on adding in the future.

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Hi Ben,

What about the ability to have 2 Sense monitors installed at a single home? This ability has also been asked for in a few threads.

This would benefit 2 types of users:

  1. Those with 400A service and 2 200A panels with no easy access to connect Sense to a common feeder (like where the meter base is feeding both panels directly.)

  2. Those with Solar where the Solar sub panel is also feeding other loads and is too far away to allow the Solar CTs to reach the Solar sub panel.



Yes! That scenario is also something we are looking to support in the future as well. We ultimately would like to cover all use cases in which someone in using multiple Sense monitors.


I’m still sugesting Honeywell Total Connect as a viable example model.

Ben, it’s almost a year since you replied this was a feature being planned… it’s not ”rocket science” or “data science”… but sure would be helpful to those of us that bought multiple Sense units!


I’ve been scouring the forums and have not seen any update to this. What’s the status? Any chance it’s officially on your road map?

The best thread for this is in the Product Wishlist subforum:

We don’t divulge roadmap details, but I will say that it’s something we hope to get to soon.