Two Properties, Two Sense Devices, One Account?

I have a second property that I plan to add a sense meter to this week. Am I able to add the second meter to my original account and switch between them in the app? I don’t want to merge them because they are different locations, but would like to be able to view them one at a time within the same app without having to log out and log in to different accounts each time. Has this feature been added? I checked the old posts and couldn’t find anything newer than mid-2021 answering this question.


Sorry, Sense home users still need to use a unique email to set up each account. I say “home users”, because solar installers and others who set up numerous Sense monitors potentially have access to Sense Pro tools that includes a Fleet Management app. That app can watch over numerous Sense accounts, but is a separate product, and has more top-level monitoring features and none of detailed viewing and tweaking features of the core Sense App (or so I have been told by a couple of installers).

Just wanted to point out that there is more to Sense than just the end-user product, and

Sense also appears to be doing enhancements on the account and authorization end of the end-user product, but there is nothing announced other than this.

So I would bite the bullet and set up a second account. I have two accounts, one for my main Sense unit and one for a Sense I use purely for two monitoring 240V circuits (DCM), my EV charger and a floor heating subpanel.

I have a similar setup with two Sense monitors. I didn’t know you had to use two different e-mail accounts and went ahead and set them both up with one. Now I can’t log into the first device, and I can’t reset it to set it up again under a different account. Does anyone have any ideas for how to solve my problem?