Can I finally join both my Sense monitors under one account?

Back in 2017, I had to purchase two Sense monitors due to my home’s 2 main panels. Details; I have 200 amp service with two main panels probably because my home has a standby generator that is attached to one of those panels. Link to my original topic

So, can I finally join these two monitors under one account or use one monitor with four CTs attached to it using the solar port for the extra CTs?

thanks for you’re help!

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I had the same question after buying 1 sense for each of my 200A panels (with solar). Last time I checked it was a “Hard No” for merging under 1 account. I went with sense anyway because of the multitude of benefits. So far the 2 Sense units have detected about 24 devices or parts of devices. I agree it is a PIA. I am somewhat use to logging in under 2 diff emails. would be def a huge feature to have total use and total generated. I bet a dollar someone will reply with their work arounds using data exporting etc. That is not for this cowboy :slight_smile:

With the flex sensors, you can follow the directions for 400A split service, and it works with a single monitor: Install Guide : Sense with 400A Split Service - You may have to contact support and ask if you can use the sensors from one of your monitors with the flex/solar port of the other monitor.

I purchased the monitor with solar sensors a number of years ago, and after moving to a new house with 400A split service, I now use the solar sensors on the second 200A panel. Unfortunately though, Sense can’t do separate solar monitoring with this setup, since it would need a third pair of sensors. The solar and grid electricity both pass with the same phase and polarity through the current sensors, so Sense sees my total usage, whether supplied by grid or solar. I have separate solar monitoring though, so I’m certainly not going to go through the hassle of having a separate monitor to get solar monitoring.

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@Mars , no need for export this time. Home Assistant (HA) has a Sense integration, and you can connect multiple Sense accounts ( I have 2 as well, but for other reasons). The HA Energy module allows multiple data feeds for solar production, from grid and to grid. So you could do the integration into a single set of charts in Home Assistant.