Mains signals with 400A split service

I moved to a new house and finally installed my Sense. It has 400A split service, so I had to repurpose the solar monitors for that. One thing I wish it could show me is the power usage from the panels separately, in the Signals section of the Sense Monitor settings. It could help to narrow down where to look for certain loads/devices. It would also be interesting for me because one of the panels is set up for a generator, so it contains things like lights, heat, and refrigerator, while the other panel has outlets and non-critical major appliances. I’d be interested in seeing the measurements separately for the 2 panels so I could, for instance, figure out where more of my always-on power is being used.


I have the exact same set up- Solar does into each 200 A panel and a Genny sub panel. I think my only solution is to buy a second sense/solar to monitor and forget about my generator. I hope the sense people develop a way to merge the data from 2 monitors into one account.

Not hard to merge data between multiple Senses/Accounts today using Export.

Home Assistant can merge data from 2 Sense accounts and integrate for viewing.

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