Smart plug power consumption and accuracy

For those who like to stare at data, here’s a pretty odd way of visualizing smart plug accuracy.

Setup: An iMac plugged in to an HS110 that is then plugged in to an HS300.

What the chart is displaying: The pie chart shows yellow pieces of pie of width equal to the DIFFERENCE between the HS110 & HS300 measurements … thus representing the power consumption of the HS110 itself. I reduced this to 360 total data points from an hour export, i.e. this represents 15 days of data. Then there’s a trick: I’ve alternated the pieces of pie with data points of 1.7751w … which (statistically) appears to be the regressed power consumption of the HS110. What this does is make the black “pupil” in the image pop a little more. The moirés in the image interfere somewhat with the overall effect but I find it to be a strange and perhaps informative way to visualize the data.