HS110 with zero showing on STATS page

I have an HS110 with my dish network DVR plugged into it. What I’m finding very strange is the Stats page has zero readings for everything. It is a low consumption device, using about 38 watts. But the use is constant. I’m not aware of a minimum before we get readings for stats, does anyone else experience this or know why this is?
Screenshots show what is happening

How long have you had it plugged into the HS110 ? I would guess that you would need a day or two of data between it started giving good estimates. For constant waveforms like that on a Smartplug you are going to see 0 times on and 0 hrs.

2 data so far. My pump for hot water took only a few hours on this same plug. The DVR is where I moved it to until I can afford a HS300. Won’t the wife be happy when no cords are showing when I can plug in all the devices behind the tv stand? Cords showing are a pet peeve of hers

Actually I have a couple of Smartplug device Stats entries that seem to never populate, even after months. I never really noticed because I primarily look at the same stats in the Device Usage card, and those are populated.

Well @kevin1, I should have looked at the usage card. It appears mine is also populated and has all the information I will need. I imagine that an export would not be tied to the stats so i c man get all I need through export.
Thanks for pointing that out!

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Did you plug it in?

Of course. How would I get screenshots of electric use? Not only that but I’d hate to think what would happen if I messed with the wife Hallmark channel

This is t the only thing going wacky right now. I have another device or two with no history in the power meter even though it does in usage

I have the same issue with a couple of “always on” devices on an HS300.

It took a couple days longer but the stats finally did populate. I think it was about five days total wait time.

Weird! I’m guessing it’s fine, but mind if I pass this along to Support and give them permission to look at your data?

Not sure who your asking but they can access my data anytime.
Mine eventually populated and back filled most of the missing days

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