Issue with HS300

Sense stopped controlling and updating the wattages on my HS300 - so I set it up again - and now the Sense will not find it at all.

I made a thread on reddit about something else and another user posted this exact problem.

It correctly and quickly identifies HS110s, but not the 300.

Try this first.
Go to your app and navigate to setting/my him/ connected devices
And turn the slider off for “network listening” or turn it on if it’s off
Wait an hour and see what happens
And welcome to the community

Thanks for the welcome.

I had network listening enabled, I turned it off. Should I turn it back on after an hour?

Edit: also that seems to have worked. Can you explain why? Should I leave network listening off?

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I don’t know why this happens and I frequently have to turn it off or on for the same reasons. If you decide to turn it back on and it messes up again, you’ll know what to do.
I’ve left mine disabled lately most of the time

I should have added this is a known issue they are working on.
Sometimes there are little bugs that need attention and they tend to get them resolved pretty quickly.
This is a great place to find these workarounds

Yeah - this issue started because of a resolved email issue they answered within a few hours.

Pretty happy with the Sense so far.

If I could only identify the mysterious unfindable 300 watt always on load that won’t even go away by flipping breakers

Your always on won’t go away like that.
The way it’s calculated uses the last 24-48 hours so what you do in the moment does have the effect your looking for like if it was showing in “other”.

Gotcha - so it looks like truly I have about 105 watts of always on power if I kill everything.

Wish I could find that, anyway!

I’ve had problems with always on for a long time now and I’m 100% positive it reads much higher than it should. I have verified multiple times mine should be about 280w. Right now it’s 432w and the lowest it’s been is 356w, the highest almost 1,000w.
In over theee months and countless hours of testing, experimentation and adjusting, I still haven’t found out why the wild fluctuations and the high levels.
I’m hoping at some point they will share exactly how the calculations are made.

I have a smart meter on the house from the utility - I check the Sense KWH against the smart meter. It’s generally within .1 kWh - I was thinking the same as you - but I don’t know how many watts .1 kWh would be for the difference

I also have a smart meter and when it comes to overall accuracy for total usage, Sense is really close. If I’m billed for 2000KWH Sense is usually within a couple percent.
My smart meter only provides daily total use and of course monthly for the bill. I check between the texts I get from the utility meter against Sense pretty much daily and I’m very happy with the accuracy.
The always on accuracy continues to be a problem for me but many don’t experience the same. Like you, I’d love to figure it out.

Not with Sense, it’s device detection only works with transitions. Smart plugs do detect current flow, steady or transient, so for devices you can plug in that’s one approach.

I got my HS300s yesterday. It was detected soon after enabling the TP-Link support. Then I removed it and tried to add it back (twice). Nothing. Even after waiting all night. Then after finding this post I disabled “Network listening” and the HS300s was detected straight away. Thanks!

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