TP-Link HS110 Measurement Issue?


With enabling the HS110 integration Sense detects and measures the switch appropriately. However, when doing this I expected to see a drop (as I did when the power was turned off to the power strip that was put in front of it) from Always On once I did.

In other words, my desk power (which powers my iMac, an extra monitor, an Amazon Echo Show, and a laptop) was turned off and I saw a dip to Always On and Other. Then I installed the HS110 and powered everything back up. I saw Always On and Other rise again. Then I enabled the integration and the switch was detected in Sense, measuring roughly 150W consistently. However the Always On and Other did not drop by a combined 150W.

Is there a delay in when Sense will adjust Always On and Other to compensate for the new ~150W detection?

My baseline for those were consistent for the last 2 weeks, and now I’m reading a higher overall usage in the house than previously. This seems off to me.





Always On is ~640W and Other is ~450W which are what they have been for a while. They did not drop with the addition of the HS110. Overall household baseline during the day was below 1000W (usually between 850-900W), now sitting at ~1150W.

I expected to see a dip.



Always on will recalculate after about 24h

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As @mattlebaugh suggests, there will be a delay since Always On looks for minimums over a long period of time. I think Sense has played with the calculation parameters since they originally looked at mins for a 24hr period. But eventually, you should see things drop once the algorithm finds the “Always On” levels for each device/outlet strip on smartplug.

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Thanks @mattlebaugh and @kevin1 – It’s been almost 24 hours so I will continue to watch for it to recalculate.



Looks like it just updated. Fantastic.

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Is there anyway to disable the toggle button? This is one switch I don’t actually want to accidentally turn off.



Look under Manage menu for that device.

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That is freaking awesome. Thanks @kevin1 !

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I’ve been watching hourly exported Always On values more closely than I care to admit for the past few months. Turns out Always On drops are a good indicator of data dropouts from Sense, either due to network or Sense monitor/backend issues.

Here’s a history of what I have seen since Sense added smartplugs into the mix. I’ve pulled out most of the data dropouts, but a few might remain, especially since Jan 25th.

  • Better = pre-smartplug trend line
  • Smartplug1 = initial testing of smartplug and new smartplug Always On calculation. This includes the period during the Paradise Fire and smoke, so we ran some always on air purifiers, leading to the big jump in mid-Nov.
  • Smartplug2 = Sense’s first reformulation of Always On calculation - seemed to lead to a lot of data dropouts, at least for me.
  • Smartplug3 = Another version fo the Always On calculation
  • Smartplug4 = The most recent Always On calculation.

Try tracking yours using data export …

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