Minor Success with Always On


I’ve been scratching my head over the past month or so about the mystery “something” that moved my Always On from around 160W to about 500W. I figured it had to be something seasonal since it changed in mid-Sept.

Turns out it was quasi-seasonal… We had an end-of-summer party where we showed a movie outside. I inadvertently left two of the amps inside my Yamaha multi-room AV receiver turned on. It would have been easy to see if it was the main amp, but only tiny red indicators show for the other three amps. Should have also noticed it was toastier than usual in the electronics cabinet, but I hardly ever open it. Have now hooked both the Yamaha and my Sonos to TP-Link HS110 Smartplugs to keep a closer eye on them going forward.


I say once again the Sense unit just paid for itself. My answer to my ADCOM amp and Klipsch sound system is to put them on a 12 hour surge protector. It is a fail-safe for the times you forget to turn them off. I do this with both my entertainment and office electronics. It is very common for me to leave the power amp going after having guest as well as leaving laser printers and the likes running for days without use. Just curious if you can IFTTT a conditional test “if on then off in X hours” with the HS110.


I think I could do it that way in IFFFT, but I have chosen a simpler alternative. Turn the power off at at 2am, then back on at 6am via the TP-Link Casa app.