Smart Plugs - Are they ok with non-resistive loads?

We tend to use/run the smart plugs often without regards to their full specs, except perhaps for the max allowed current in Amps. I initially had mine on lights, but now they are on all sort of devices where there are resistive as well as reactive/inductive loads. For example, my fridge/freezer, which have built-in compressors (i.e. electrical motors) and many other devices.

I was helping a fellow HA (HomeAutomation) newcomer on a different forum, and the fellow is running a very ‘complicated’ setup to control some pumps. Essentially he can’t install a sump pump in his house, so he concocted a set of pumps, controlled by a Raspberry PI and a couple of other pieces or hardware (relays), and a multitude of software layers. In any event, to make a long story short, I recommended he explores using a smart plug (KP-115) as it has all the ratings and functionality he’s looking for … that is, until another member of the forum jumped in and said those smart-plugs cannot be used with pumps and the like.

My question to the community is: How restrictive is this requirement? I’m sure many people out there are using those plugs in more applications than just fans. In fact, Amazon says those plugs can be used to control lights, fans, and other appliances… Wait, a fan is not a resistive load and has a cos-phi different than zero. Speakers and transformers also have some reactive components (due to the coils).

We use such smart plugs everywhere on all sorts of devices … Is this really a no-no?

Also, does this mean using those KP115 on my washer and dryer is a bad idea?

PS. Normally I do not cross-post across multiple/different forums, but in this case, Sense has an API that works with HA, and the two products are complementary, not competitors.

Whoever suggested that limitation is making things up. The outputs of Kasa smartplugs are connected to the wall outlet via a 250V AC 16A relay, so one needs to stay within the guardbanded limits of that relay. I think TP-Link guardbands down to 1.8kW @ 120V AC (15A AC)

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Thank you @kevin1, that sure is reassuring