So my home AC is on 'full power mode' but not a detected device

So here is a moment, where I’m able to confirm, that my home AC unit is running at full power/stage 1 and it’s not a detected device, it’s lumped in with the OTHER Grouping.

This had been a very frustrating experience for me, how is this situation doing for others?

Where is sense at handling this better?

What’s in the groups now is:
Always on

How long has your Sense been in operation ? Mine took nearly a whole summer before Sense figured out my two old school AC units got it right.

Do you have an Ecobee thermostat ? There’s a Sense Ecobee integration that can help with detection over time.

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Thanks for sharing!

I think I’m going on my 4th month.

Both of my AC units were discovered between the 1&2 months period, so in that regard, guess I’m lucky!

I have a nest thermostat for my home AC, nothing ‘smart’ available for my office AC, which is a ductless unit.

@joesantanapersonal, thanks for the clearer picture - so you actually had detections, but sometimes Sense is missing them or dropping out. One more thing I discovered is that, at least for me, Sense “lost” some detections when my upstairs AC compressor ran for a long period of time. More on this here:

Got it…

What I guess it’s happening here is the problem sense has with dual/multi-stage AC and pumps/motors like in pool.

Sense has yet to detect my pool pumps.

What appears to be happening with both my AC units is, somewhat like you’re saying is that it will shift back-n-forth, for whatever period of time, then no longer detect either/or as the ‘detected device’ and just show the usage under other.

You’ll notice that throughout the forums folks mention anything with a variable-speed motor is tricky, due to lack of consistency in energy output and behavior (both of which Sense is looking for.)

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Same here. I reinstalled sense last year April. It still hasn’t detected my central AC. Very frustrating.

Single stage, dual stage or variable ? Does it use an Ecobee thermostat ? Sense has found both of my single-stage units…

More insight into detecting AC units.

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