Square D energy monitoring outlet

Hi all :slight_smile: I don`t see any new/recent posts about this particular model:


I ordered one just to play with it and, if I like it, to replace some old Kasas behind my fridges. I connected a toaster to it and was getting too many false notifications, so decided to plug my Breville kettle to it. We only use it 3-4 times /day so it is easy to monitor what is going on. I am still getting too many false notifications that my kettle is on even after adjusting my thresholds to 20-25w and duration 20sec… I contacted Sense support via app and got a reply that it was never supported :frowning: Am I missing something? Thank you for any helpful info :slight_smile:


Let me give my user perspective on the answer. @JamesDrewAtSense might be able to give more insights.

  • Yes, Many of the SquareD X-Series smart plugs, switches and outlets work with the Sense Wiser integration. The integration exists and talks to the plugs through the Wiser cloud for both the Orange (Sense sold) and the the Green (Wiser sold) version of the monitor. From the UI, it looks like you have the Wiser version of the monitor. I have a Wiser three-way switch and a couple of Wiser smart plugs installed in my home.

  • At least for us Orange (Sense sold) monitor users, the Wiser X-Series devices are prone to measuring occasional phantom power spikes. See the example below - my Kitchen overheads are on the Wiser three-way, and generally show between 93-98W for all of them when on. But occasionally I’ll see the 1/2 MW spikes ! Gulp… Those fake spikes might be the false trigger for you, though your spikes look much more moderate (if those are spikes).

  • I don’t know the contractual obligations between Sense and Schneider / Square D / Wiser, but Sense generally routes issues with the Wiser Integration to Schneider / Square D / Wiser support. A couple of us Orange box users filed Schneider support tickets in Aug 2022, and heard that someone was looking at these spikes, but no changes came from that. Here’s where we filed. You might have more success since you have an all-Wiser configuration.
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Thank you Kevin for your informative reply. I read old posts about those spikes and I guess mine are not bad at all but I just started using that outlet a few days ago so there is not much data. I had no issues with my 27 Kasa plugs and 2 power strips in my old house but recently moved to a new place and starting from a scratch in addition to solar monitoring. I would like to have a cleaner setup and replace some Kasa with outlets in places with limited access like behind a fridge and etc but those false spikes might trigger some alarms and would drive me nuts :face_with_peeking_eye: i also opened a ticket with Schneider and looks like the exact same person is handling all troubleshooting but we just started so there is not much progress/updates. Thanks again! Andrei

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