Schneider Wiser Square D Receptacle

Has anyone install a Schneider receptacle with energy monitor SQR441U1WHW? Does it integrate with Sense. I see some type of device detection integration in Sense settings for Wiser devices.

Yes they should work through the Wiser App and integrate into Sense. I have 2 of them myself.

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Do the Wiser receptacles require the Schneider version of the Sense monitor/app? Or will they work with the Sense version? Thx.

They will work with the Sense version. Just to make sure since I was part of a small beta group. Go to Settings - Connected Devices and you should see under “Integrations” the option for Wiser Home Devices. If it’s there then you should be good to go. If not then - ooops… coming soon maybe???

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Settings - Connected Devices does have a Wiser Home Devices under “Integrations.” Here is what it looks like for me:

This screen mentions a Wiser Home app. Based on searching the app store, the Wiser Home app is the re-branded version of the Sense app, which seems odd. If I already have the Sense app, why would I want the Wiser version of the same thing to enable setup?

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Wiser Home is a different app, not the Sense rebrand. It’s closer to TP-Link Kasa app, but for Wiser devices. Used to set up Wiser smart switches, dimmers, outlets and plugs. Based on a beta many moons ago, you’ll need to use the Wiser Home app to start an account and set up your plugs before you can connect to the integration. I think Sense talks via API to the WISER mothership for power info.

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I should have thought to ask that, thanks.

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@thomastran.rx ,

Let us know if the integration works for you. I have n’t seen an official Wiser release for the Sense compatible plugs / dimmers / switches / outlets, and don’t know the specific model numbers.

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The Wiser Energy Home Monitor (same thing as Sense) doesn’t integrate with any actual Wiser products.
However 4 of the Schneider Square D X Series products do integrate with (SQR441U1WHW is one of them) and use one of the Wiser Home apps. Schneider has quite a few different apps all named “Wiser Home” all for different and incompatible “smart” products. Make sure you download the correct version as not all versions are compatible and they are not in sequential order. Only one allows for integration with Sense. Many experienced various other difficulties setting things up.

The Sense integration for my switches keeps failing after a couple days requiring a power cycle of the switches which means flipping the breaker (I’ve given up). The issue (not reporting status/usage to Sense) is believed to be on the Schneider end, oddly the switch, wiser app and Alexa integration continue to work after the integration fails.

Schneider makes some great and well trusted electrical products, smart devices are not one of them. Too many products that wouldn’t make it pass other brands alpha testing rushed into the market with little support and quicky discontinued.

I’d go with Kasa plugs if at all possible to use a plug instead of a receptacle. They are much more reliable and all 36 of mine work exceptionally well with Sense.


don’t forget about the 100,000+ watt random “glitches” that the wiser outlets report. Nobody seemed to care that the Wiser outlets do that, which can screw up your numbers if you care about that. Some people, including me, have even seen 1,000,000+ watt spikes lol



You inspired me to take a look at my Schneider Wiser 3 Way Switch in my kitchen. The good news it that it has stayed online and reported data for months, mostly spot-on correctly (about 120W for 12 LED bulbs). The bad news its that I still see the 100,000W+ spikes you are talking about. Two views from the Device Power Meter reporting from that Wiser switch.


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I forgot about the spikes.
My 3way dimmer is on led can lights, the non dimmer is on a ceiling fan. The dimmer shows spikes in excess of 1,000,000w while the fan maxes out around 800,000w.
I have no data for the past month or so as the integration has remained N/A as I haven’t bothered to power cycle them.

I had wondered if the spikes were some type of misapproperated backfilling of data. Accumulated usage reported to Sense all at once as the spikes usually only last for a few seconds. But looking at the frequency of the spikes and my assumed usage between them that doesn’t appear to be the case. We may have hashed this over but I can’t recall exactly

It had crossed my mind that the switches going N/A in Sense could have something to do with my network (in need of an upgrade) but that doesn’t make sense as they always respond to Alexa, so they are online and communicating in the cloud.

I saw on the Sense app that about a year ago it was modified for the future intergration of Wise switches, outlets, switches, etc. Do you know when this will be done? The KASA plugs have really helped. Are these in beta testing with Sense? Should I buy one or more to try now? Thanks

There’s a working Wiser X-Series Integration in Sense. You can find it under Settings > Connected Devices > Integrations.

The challenge is that the Wiser X Series plugs and switches sporadically kick out huge, incorrect measurements that you can see in the charts above. Those false 1MW spikes can throw off usage metrics.

Thank you. I will wait a little while to see if the spiking is resolved. I hope more devices become available to integrate with Sense. I just installed a dedicate set of CTs for our stove. I wish Sense could integrate with Shelly wireless CTs that can be used on HVACs. But Sense has been very useful as it is now.

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