Stacked power plot for Always-on, ID's appliances, and other?

@dannyterhaar, the uploader can’t handle the size of hourly data for a year. Export daily instead. It should work.

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Thank you very much.
Very enlightning!

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I would like to see the power meter as a stacked graph. The stacks would be the Devices + Always on + Other.

I would also like the stacked graph to have a legend and allow the user to turn on/off devices by clicking on legend color (pretty much what chart.js does)

@jim.gupta, even though your request is not quite the same (Power Meter vs Trend), I moved your variant of the request since it is likely to get more votes/Likes. Please Like the initial Product Wishlist posting for this thread/request.

You give a good suggestion for how the UI should work. Two possible substitutes for now:

  1. Add a Home Assistant “server” to your home and collect minute-by-minute Sense data on that using the Sense integration.. That would give you the exact kind of UI you are looking for. But it can get kind of ugly if you have lots of devices.

  2. You can export data for the year at 1 Day resolution and use this web utility to chart. You’ll get stacked bar charts that look like this.

I already spend too much time focused on my sense data… now you gave me more info to play with… My wife will hate me.

Do you have a link for a quick reference on how to export data from sense?

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In the web app (, not the phone app, go to the Dashboard, then “View Detailed Usage”. Pick the time period you want to Export for - Week/Month/Year/Bill. Once you select, click on the Export in the upper right corner (in red circle below). You’ll then have the option of Hourly or Daily data. For the utility I described, pick Day (Daily).