Request: Multiple device history views to compare concurrently running devices

I think this has been asked before, but I’ll toss another thread out there.

One day might we see the ability to show on an event table/timeline what devices were on at the same time? I have a few devices I feel like may be one component of a larger device and would merge them if I could determine patterns, but it’s just impossible to do efficiently in the current UI. Maybe I could spend hours exporting data to excel and doing it manually, but that’s more free time than I have these days. :slight_smile:

I’d love to say, “Show me when Heat 7 was on, and what other devices were also running at the same time or within $X minutes before/after” or something along those lines.

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Hi @scorp508 - is this the other project wishlist item that you’re referencing?

Hi @JustinAtSense , that looks like a ludicrous speed edition of what I’m thinking. :slight_smile: Something a bit more stripped down where you have a list of devices and can check one (or more) device on/off and get a visual timeline showing what else was on at the same time.

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Kevin’s chart here may be closest.

He’s usually operating at the PhD level of data analysis within Sense, but it needs to be something anyone off the street can look at and use.


I think your feature request is closer to the one below from 2018, than the stacked power trends that Justin highlighted.

The big difference is time resolution - one would be done in the 1/2-2 second resolution Power Meter view, the other in stacked Hour/Day/Month usage.

Please “Like” the OP if it matches ! I’m going to move this item over to that one in a day or two, unless you tell me that your are looking for something different.

One more note, and this is a thought for Sense as well for a “premium paid product”, because I know there are hard costs associated with this proposal. Home Assistant allows you to do this kind of “querying” and “triggering” to find correlating data using things like Code Red. And if you really want to get down and dirty in Home Assistant, you can pipe your data to the InfluxDB time series database - from there you can do all kinds of of crazy queries and graphing, using the the data sampled by Sense through Home Assistant.

When I think about Sense, one component what they collect back at the mothership is really a huge time series database for your home hopefully with the detections / device power meters in the same database out in the AMS cloud. If that was the case, they could offer a user query capability. The challenge, based on my experience is that:

  • Queries and storage of the results cost money. A poorly formed query can be quite expense and one could inadvertently build up a lot of intermediate and resulting data that costs as well.
  • Sense could charge users for queries / data, but that would be a challenging business to manage because the of all the possible cost “overruns” due to poorly formed queries and mismanagement of cloud storage.

That’s the one! I even commented in that thread. Here we are almost 4 years later though. Merging this thread into that thread will likely serve little value and just get it lost in the noise. :frowning: Out of all the communities I’m in, the ones that use this platform and move/merge posts into old threads seem to be the ones where requests get hidden the most.

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There you go with the PhD approach again. :wink: :smiley: Just need to keep it simple. I’m not looking to get unfettered access to their data lake and cast expensive queries into it.

I run HomeSeer at home for my home automation, so adding or migrating to Home Assistant is not something I’m currently interested in doing. Truthfully though, Sense is already doing some kind of correlation with their attempts to auto-merge devices, so these events must already be there somewhere.

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