Merging devices timeline

Another way to help us merge devices would be the ability to click on two or three devices and see them on the same timeline. ie… the A/c fan is on and the compressor is cycling, you can merge the devices. If the compressor cycles without the A/c fan on, you may not want to merge the unit.


I agree that there needs to be an ability to select a set of devices that you can view on a timeline. I’ve most recently seen the need for this when I had 4 different devices that looked like they might have been components of a clothes dryer. I needed to look at the start and end times and how long they had been on/off side by side to more easily see whether they were occurring at the same time. Today, you need to view device A, fix the metrics in your mind, view device B, fix those metrics in your mine, etc. It made the process of deciding what devices can be merged more difficult than it should be.


Grouping/ungrouping is a workaround, but it’s hacky.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll pass it on to the rest of the team!