Desired feature: Device line graph


Something I need since Sense began getting all twisted due to my air conditiner is a usage line graph. I don’t mean the one we have with the sum totals. Or where you have to hit separate devices to see what they used and when. I mean one graph with color coded lines showing the usage of each and every device. Possibly with the option to choose the ones you are interested in. So I can easily see if the air conditioner is absorbing other devices. And which ones. A different colored line for each device including other


Shouldn’t be too difficult to have the kind of graph layers the devices as well. If you have, for example, 4 kWh being used by AC and dehumidifier. 3500 for the AC like the normal graph in red. Then shaded in blue, layered on top of that, could be the dehumidifier. Adding to 4kwh. With the ability to choose which categories you want to see and which order you would like to stack them.

I find these graphs are less useful for determine precise values. But would be very good at seeing if a device is eating into another device.

Both of the graph options I mentioned I would like to see.


Nice suggestion!

One tricky bit would be that it is difficult to visually associate more than about 24 colors in a legend with those in a chart.

A solution to this problem would be to let users pick which devices to show in the graph. Sorting a palette like the one I’ve linked above by visual distinction would allow users plotting only a handful of items to have the lines clearly distinguished and identifiable; those who plot everything may not be able to visually differentiate certain colors, but might be provided an alternate mechanism for identifying an item (mouseover or finger pressure to show a tooltip of the relevant line).


This is a very interesting idea and I could see the utility of it. It may be tough to implement in terms of UI design, but I’ll certainly pass the feedback on.


Yeah I know. That’s why I said that we should be allowed to pick, not just the devices we want shown, but in the case of the layered graph, the order as well.

You must not have read my post


I don’t see why it should be so difficult. If you are worried about whether you can make add it and make it look pretty, then perhaps it is time to grant us the freedom to access our data directly so that I can plug it into an excel sheet and actually get some use out of it

The current UI is pretty, but it just isn’t very useful. And maybe I am wrong, but I would think anyone purchasing something like this has utility as the top priority, and a fancy UI as second.

Have it on the now screen. You have the normal chart, then you can switch to the bubbles (which serves no practical purpose. Even though it looks pretty) And then you can switch to a line graph that , instead of showing device history, shows the list of devices and you can check which one you want to appear. Then you can drag them into position for the stacked line graph.


Grandpa the data export feature is on the roadmap below. This is still a very new product and some features haven’t been fully built out yet.



No reason why they can’t Get that line graph in the works. Doesn’t have to be released tomorrow but there is no reason for it to be impossible


Yup, data export is definitely in the works. As normal, I can’t promise a timeline, but it’s in active development.

In any case, I didn’t mean to imply that this was a bad idea or ugly in any way, just a challenge to implement. I would love to know if other users would find a use for this.


@Grandpa2390 this is something I discussed in detail in the Power Meter Beta discussion:

My comments were: “The next level with this view is shading that includes the various detected devices - whether multi-colored, or gradations of the same color. It would require a legend, but wouldn’t it be powerful to have a list of detected devices below the power meter, and if you click on an individual device in the legend, it isolated the electrical consumption for that device and hid everything else? If there are too many devices to distinguish, you could start by separating usage in different categories (i.e. lights, appliances, heating, cooling, miscellaneous) and then drill down from there.”

The concern about distinguishing too many colors could be remedied by first displaying device usage by category, and then clicking into that category to distinguish various devices within that category. Seems like a number of users are brainstorming the same idea - I hope Sense is taking notice! @RyanAtSense


Absolutely. There’s no reason why this can’t be done :slight_smile:


Definitely taking notice. I’ll pass the feedback on.