Data graph improvements


A) It’d be great if there were navigation between the graphs, i.e. if i’m looking at the week display and i click on a certain day, take me to that day.

B) Stacked bar charts showing the breakdown of usage between devices for the time period shown would be very handy.

C) Option to view data averages for longer periods of time, i.e. show me the average daily usage for weekdays averaged over the last 3 months.


@BradAtSense, per the above bullet points
A) would be convenient
B ) would help me understand TOU, like midnight-5:30am
C) would help with understanding how things operate differently with different seasons, like my water heater is consuming less, it’s it my modifications, school season is summer vacation, it’s warmer weather?


It sounds like we could use TOU settings (and prices) so that we can clearly see when we are using different devices and what they are costing.


@jonhawkes TOU pricing is definitely coming. It’s been a major ask from our users and continues to grow as a billing method by utilities.

@fellforce I’ll pass your feedback onto the Product team. We’re also working on data export and that would give you the ability to aggregate this information yourself.


out here in CA we not only have time of use but tiered pricing…FYI I am sure you probably know that