More In Depth Graph

One month into Sense and I’m absolutely loving it. I do wish that the timeline had some improvements, though. Does anybody know of anything in the works for adding features to the timeline? I would love to (at least in my browser) be able to drag a point in time on the graph to another point in time, and see statistics for a specific period. Would maybe be nice to see how much energy device used in x minutes, or hours. Maybe be able to see how many kWh my PC has used for the time that I had just spent on it. Thanks!


I’ve thought the same thing as have others on the forum. If you poke around you’ll see posts under the Product Wishlist in a search for “graph”.

In the meantime, you can export usage via the web app and use Excel/Google Sheets or similar to analyze and make graphs to your hearts content. You are restricted to 1-hr intervals so you can’t do everything but maybe this will give the data fix you need.


It’s not quite what you’re asking, but you can see custom date ranges in the Web App by just modifying the URL: Sense, where you adjust the date and times there to what you need.


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