More Detail Reporting and End of Day, Week, Month reports


I’m sure someone has requested this. I haven’t seen it yet.

Can we get better reporting with graphs and such. I’d like a good detail report at the end of the day, week , month, 3 months, etc. that graphically and numerically shows me where my power is being used and how much, including percentage. It should all be all on one page.

The reporting you have now is ok, but it’s really not enough or needs to be collated in a better way.

Forecasting and trends is important too!

I also want to be able to export for archival for further study, separate from you program, like a spreadsheet.

Maybe an API, so someone else can do it even.

The reporting features seem very minimal for a app of this type.

I love my Sense, but I fine I’m wanting more.

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Export is already available via the web app. Go to the Usage tab / view, select the period of time you want to export over (Day, Week, Month, Year), then hit the little sheet with a diagonal arrow (export icon)


on the upper right. You can create just about any summary report you described if you have a working knowledge of Excel Pivot Tables.

If you want real time-series forecasting, then you need to learn R, including the forecast, tseries, and ggplot2 packages.

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