Time of use pricing in graphs

First of all, I love the time of use (TOU) pricing feature. XCel is offering new TOU electric meters at no cost that reduces nighttime prices from 13c to 4c and increases workday daytime from 13c to 21c(in the summer) and 16c (in the winter). By adding in the TOU pricing into Sense, I could see in just a few minutes that I would have saved $70 over the last few months by switching to TOU!
Now my feature request is to see the TOU groups in all the graphs with different colors, or clickable groups.



Count your blessings while you can.

Our utility (SCE = southern california edison) is forcing users between now and 2022 to switch to new ToU rates and this is one of them:

Holly cow! Are those your rates per kWh?

In Sacramento we pay $0.09 from 12am to 6am.

Since I had my socks knocked off by Danny … let me go to the OP. I like your suggestion and our utility does something similar so the included screen shot not only shows my rates but how much was used per day, per rate.

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I agree this would be highly useful. I’m also an Xcel customer that is moving to TOU in the near future.

Seems there is something not right with the calculation of the average usage in a rate zone. Every day I get a notification that my ‘Energy Use is 164% higher than average in your Winter Daytime rate zone’. Over a month into winter this seems not possible.
Dec 8, it was 164%, Dec 7 166%, Dec 6 148% etc.