Multi-color "Now" chart with shading under the curve based on device


I’d really like to see some better device individuality represented in the “Now” chart so we have a better sense (haha) of what is using what like the bubble page gives us.

For example when my Boiler is running and using ~200w of the current 800w, shade 200w worth of the area under the line in that point in time a slightly different color. For example if my boiler, microwave, and well pump are all running then shade those areas under the line in appropriate colors to represent their use.

You’d end up with what may look like a stack chart under the line of a few colors. Any new device that comes online would be added to the bottom of the stack so-as not to disrupt the pre-existing ‘on’ devices needing to have their position shuffled around every time a new device turns on.


Excellent suggestion. It will take some work, but definitely a feature that should be implemented. A great blend of the functionality of the bubble chart and the historical context of the “Now” chart. Ultimately as Sense recognizes more and more devices, the shading could represent major categories, such as Lighting, Appliances, HVAC, etc. so there’s not a need for 20 different colors with a massive legend to interpret the results.