Categories for Devices

Two weeks ago, a staff member from Sense reached out to me directly for feedback on my experience as a Sense customer. She spent 15 minutes on the phone with me, which is yet another reason I love Sense. When was that last time that Sony, GE or Frigidaire called to ask about your user experience?

One of her questions was if I had suggestions for product improvement. I told her I would like to be able to categorize devices. The purpose of this post is to document that suggestion here on the community so other people can add their input. ‘Like’ this post to encourage Sense to work on this idea, or add your own thoughts below!

Sense already has six device categories. The image above is from the ‘Type’ field under Name on the Device Settings tab. I was thinking of user-defined categories, but expanding the usage of these already-defined categories would be almost as good.

Categories could show up as colors on the power plot, as described at Stacked power plot for Always-on, ID's appliances, and other? - #31 by jefflayman and at Multi-color "Now" chart with shading under the curve based on device

Categories could show up as a tree view on the devices tab as described at I would like the ability to break device components into a tree under the main device, or as bubble groupings, I would like the ability to break device components into a tree under the main device - #4 by Jorge

Categories would be most beneficial in the Trends view, where people evaluate usage patterns. I did this on my own using Excel, and posted the results at The first 3 months - #4 by jefflayman