I would like the ability to break device components into a tree under the main device

My sense monitor has found my side by side refrigerator and with it the ice maker, water dispenser, ice dispenser and the defrost heaters. I don’t want to merge them all together because I want to see the components individually. I hope an auto merge doesn’t happen with these. I have an alert on the defrost heaters to catch a malfunction. I should probably add one to the ice and water dispensers as well.

I think what I would like to see is smaller bubbles inside of the larger bubble, or to tap on the bubble to see it’s components.

When a device or component is discovered you should have the option to set it as a device or a system within a device. So we would have an “Attach” option as well as the existing merge option.


Ooooh… I like that idea of “attach” vs. “merge”! Another appliance which would benefit from that approach is an electric oven+stove-top. That’s 5 to 7 separate heating elements (4 ‘burners’, lower & upper [broil] oven – and usually at least two different ‘sizes’ of burners). Another would be to group the A/C compressor and the blower fan and electric heater (albeit my heat is gas). Dishwashers are typically 2 or 3 components, too: pump, “wash” motor, drying heater (if one uses it :wink:).

While the “bubbles in bubbles” would be cute, just a simple number (e.g.: the number of currently active attached devices, when >1) would be sufficient in my view.

In some ways that might be an extension of the way smart plugs and the “Always On” device is handled: device details lists each of the “attachments”.

Another example: I have a couple of Kasa KS-300 (multiple outlet) for computer components and entertainment devices. It’d be nice to be able to consolidate them into one “attached” or “related grouping” which would show as a single bubble in the “Now” display, but would each retain their own history & identity … and could be separated out if I either moved or ‘retired’ some of those components.


I like that Idea.

Another one would be the ability to group by “location”. The bubbles could huddle around whatever “location” they are attached to.


I like these ideas too. In a large screen the web interface with the bubbles view is ok, but in a small screen like my phone I would prefer a list view, a bar chart, or something along those lines that shows more information in a more compact way.
I would vote for having multiple different views (tree-view, list, bubbles inside bubbles, bar chart, etc) and let each user pick out their favorites.

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A way to organize and sort devices, within devices, categories, locations, individual main legs would be really handy and useful.

The “devices” tab does have everything in a list type view which is really handy when a lot of bubbles appear at once which I think is more along the lines of what you are looking for.

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