Nested Bubbles?

Hi folks,

What would you think about having “nested” devices? This would require tagging, and/or sub-tags, that would allow you to say, have a “HVAC” bubble, but inside that bubble, there would be “Compressor”, and “Fan”, and “Emergency Heat”. Same for the Fridge; you could have “Compressor”, “Ice Maker”, “Defrost”, etc, inside the Fridge bubble.

I think you wouldn’t have to Merge devices anymore, just tie them together this way, so that you can still see the sub-categories of power usage, and what it’s doing.


I think that’s the appearance that merged devices should look like. Maybe not should but I would prefer it

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I really like this idea.

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This is a great idea. Additionally on the trends it would be nice to have the devices split. Like a pie chart of the device components.


I agree to keeping split. I don’t want the light figured in tontal use

Awesome idea! I like it the concept.

No thank you, that looks horrible.

I don’t think you can decide if it looks OK on a rough concept drawing. Pie-chart-like graphics (as someone mentioned above) might look OK too.


I’m sure that wasn’t meant as the polished finish product to visualize the concept. It’s the idea that appealing.

Sounds like a good idea. Maybe a switch to turn the information on or off. That way you could see the information when you want but not all the time.


Great idea! As long as one can actually read what’s inside the bubble… i.e., not too small or concatinated too much to read.


I’d like it for my HS300’s also. Where I have related electronics all on one HS300 I’d like to be able to see what the group uses as a whole and individually.

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I don’t care about each component that makes up a detection. When my AC runs it makes no difference to me if it’s the compressor or the fan running. What really matters to me is if the device is being detected and electrical usage is being accurately measured. If you were curious one can easily go into a device and see what has been merged together. Displaying each component makes the display cluttered and is not something I would want. This would be cool as an option that you could disble/re-enable but not as the default.


The problem with going into what is “merged” and viewing the components is you would have to “unmerge ” to see it that way.
That’s a lot more trouble and work than this idea.

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I would like to see more viewing / reporting options in the future, though I’m not sure I would want to mess too much with the simplicity of the bubbles. Would like to see something like Mint, where there are standard reports (as Sense has now), plus the ability to customize the standard reports in different dimensions (i.e. see power by room, or by Always On, Idle, Active usage)


I was responding to senseinaz’s comment

I saw that but was pointing out that what you were saying was wrong and could not be done without first “unmerging”. I didn’t want another reader to see your post and then think there was a problem when they followed what you said and it didn’t work

I like the idea of the merge feature. However I see 2 immediate concerns that would have to incorporated. The first would be simple to "click’ on the bubble so that it opens/closes the subcatagories. The second is the “always on” category. I have a freezer, a refrigerator, coffee maker, emergency lighting, and dehumidifier that are always on. Could the system break that down for each area? I do not dive that deeply in to each sense feature, so someone might clarify the need or usage for each.

I don’t think the devices you listed are included in your “always on” calculation. Maybe they are always plugged in and sonething like the digital display is being calculated for always on and maybe even a power adapter but the main components should not be.
Your freezer, fridge and dehumidifier all use compressors and hopefully you have individual detections for each. The coffee maker should have a heating element that cycle and should/could have its own. Emergency lights I really don’t know enough about and possibly could be part of always on if constantly charging a backup battery

This sounds like a good idea but!!!

I do not use the NOW feature much any more. I tend to keep
the Web browser open to the METER window as I get more
relevant info about current and past performance on all of
my devices.

BUBBLE looks interesting but there is a certain amount of
information that is not available in the BUBBLE format.

Carol :smiley_cat:

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