"Works with Nest" Integration


This seems like a great partnership. It could really improve the detection of the heating and cooling components in the home as well.


Where did you see this announcement? I can’t find it anywhere.


This is a wishlist item, not actually integrated.


Thanks for the clarification. Would be a great integetation and could supply Sense with a lot of information to detect things more quickly.


Thanks for the suggestion! Nest is definitely a product that we see the benefit of integrating with, and will be sure to keep this request in mind as we work on integrating with other connected devices.


Could someone provide examples of how integration with Nest would help? Mine is no long a stock Nest, so I may be missing something.


I think at its core it would just be about helping train the Sense to detect specific events.
The simplest of integrations would be that the Nest can tell the Sense “hey, I’m turning on the 2nd floor heat now” or " only the fan is running, I turned off the compressor". Since the Nest knows what it is doing, it can pass that info on to Sense to help them build / detect the device. The Nest knows the name of the zone, the type of HVAC (heat/cool), what kind of heat (radiant/electric/forced air) and the fuel source, that is all info that Sense can use to help detect the power signatures faster.

I’m sure there are other integration possibilities as well, but that is what I am seeing as the base integration at this moment.


I’ve recently started using the Nest developer API for some home integration projects.

I would love to see the Sense use this to ‘know’ when the Heat and Air Conditioning is being requested to help better track which unit is running.

Often I get incorrect device or no device (Other) when calling for heat or air conditioning… If this could be used to help drive the data analytics, I’d be happy to sign up!


Thanks for the input. We’re working on thermostat integration along those lines as a way to provide the Sense monitor with some ground truth. It’s definitely still in the early dev stages, but stay tuned!