Insteon / x10 / nest integration

Integration with nest would help in determining the load attributed to heating/cooling a house. Insteon, x10 and zwave integration would help in identifying loads attributed to lighting which is minor.


Add Iris (Lowe’s) to that list. I’m converting my vacation home from Insteon/X10 to Iris which is what I’m running in my main home which has Sense.

I agree being a big Insteon user. With 10 insteon cameras running all the time they are never detected by Sense.


Thanks for the suggestions! We’ll keep these in mind as we look at integrating with other devices.



We’re working hard on further integrations, so expect some good news in the near future!

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Hi Ben,
Did you finally integrate nest to sense since 2017?

The nest integration would be very good. Nest has a large install base so a lot of your users might benefit from bring them into the fold

Tread here on the demise of the originally planned Nest integration. Google kind of screwed things up by moving the finish line.