Smart Integration with ISY / Insteon / zWave

I am very excited to see the smart integration happening.
I realize there are a million things out there and you started with Hue. I personally have Insteon and zWave devices that are all controlled from an “ISY 994i”. I also have an Elk M1 Gold security system which also integrates with my ISY.
The ISY is a neat little linux driven box with plugins that can connect and talk to other connected devices. For instance it has a great integration with the Elk system.

Is anybody else in the Sense community using a similar system? I am wondering if it would be useful for Sense to integrate with more environments. I am more than willing to help if there is anything I can do.


Yes, most of our house’s light switches are controlled by HomeSeer Z-Wave switches and our HomeSeer 3 Pro server. I also have a couple interior and exterior Z-Wave outlets. The exterior ones are used for controlling holiday lights.

Same ISY set up and would be more than happy to help as well

add me to the insteoon list 150+ devices

I also gave an ISY994 / Insteon / Zwave system. Integration with Sense would be a bonus, but I’m not sure how this would function.

To me the integration would be super useful to recognize devices. It could recognize lights but also other controlled power hogs. I have all my multimedia behind a switch and sense could recognize that the TV only turns on when I turn on a certain insteon device for instance.

My home is completely controlled by Insteon devices under the control of an ISY994i. That is thermostat, hot water, all lights and ventilation. Even the garage door is automated to close if one of the cars are missing. I had a compressor stolen when I forgot to close the door one time. Now I have to make an effort to not have it close if one car is out but we want the door open, like washing the car.