iDevices Energy Monitoring

Hey! Is anyone aware if iDevices switches would be able to be integrated into Sense to help identify devices?


The only devices that Sense is configured to work with at this point is the Belkin Wemo Insight, and the TP-Link HS110. There was some chatter about the TPLink HS300 (power bar with each individual plug monitored) being added, but that’s still just a “maybe”.

Unfortunately there’s so many different smartplugs and such out there that it’s unlikely Sense will ever recognize them all. That being said, it would make sense to stick with the Belkin or TP-Link (I’d lean towards the latter myself) hardware, just in case. :wink:

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The iDevices uses the Smart Life app (or one of the many branded off-shoots that are all basically the same app/API). There are actually a LOT of devices that use this app/API platform. I have devices from about 8 different brands that all work with this app/API platform. Many of the cheap(er) devices use this as the API is pretty easy to use and very low licensing costs and pretty robust as it provides a lot of functionality for a lot of devices. I have smart single outlets, smart multi-outlets, lights, etc that work with it. The app itself shows support for a large range of devices that already have integrations with it, such as Rice Cookers, Microwaves, Ovens, Breadmakers, Sous vide devices, washing machines, refrigerators, etc, etc, etc, etc. Granted a lot of these devices are probably not available in the US (yet) as the company behind this is a Chinese company, but I’m sure they’ll eventually show up. I think it would make a LOT of sense (not pun intented) for Sense to start working on integration with this platform as it really has a huge user base (potential).

The platform supports WiFi, Bluetooth and ZigBee devices for sure (I have all of these), not sure about Z-Wave. A lot of the devices I have connected to it do report power usage as well. I have several multi-outlet switches (2 indoor, 1 outdoor) that all report power usage per outlet. The biggest advantage of these devices is that they’re significantly cheaper than known brand products. My multi-outlet switches (3 outlets each) were < $15 each.


I was about to ask this same question. I have several smart plugs with energy monitoring that all work with the Smart Life App. I gather there must be some simple API / communication that Sense could tap into, and it would expand the number of devices that could be used with Sense.

Any indication whether this is likely or unlikely to be supported, let’s say within the next year?

Linking to a similar question. I would love for the inwall support on this device!

I would like this integration as well. iDevices was my first power monitor and still love it today. It would add to the Sense arsenal.

Smart Life integration would be the next largest device support in the smartphone API.

I’m an iDevices customer, as it was (and remains) one of the few to nicely integrate with Apple’s Homekit. This would be my choice for the next integrations with Sense

… even if all it does is help the device recognition by flagging on & off events.

If you don’t mind a little bit of effort, should be doable with some of the work going on here:

Since iDevices is Homekit compatible, you can definitely get those switches into Home Assistant where you can key off on/off events instantly and integrate with Sense through the TP-Link Kasa Emulation.

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I just bought some HS-300’s. You mean they may not work with sense? I thought I read they were supported… Ugh.

@noel.hastings, @oshawapilot’s post was from back in Jan, 2019. Support for the HS300 started after that. I have 3 HS300’s and they are fully supported.

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