Support for iDevices Wall outlet


Was hoping to have support added for the iDevices Wall outlet. Not all of us, let alone a spouse for those of you with those, like having what amounts to wall warts plugged into the outlets.

How about support for the iDevices Wall outlet. This does have energy monitoring, although of what flavor I’m not sure of. It does give you the nice flush look many of us would be interested in. While certainly priced high (and variable based off of Amazon price watching) it would be a nice addition for those that would want to use it for this type of look.

There are not very many of these inwall units with energy monitoring currently available, but I do see some others that are in the “research” stage. Perhaps others know of another brand that makes these as well?

iDevices Energy Monitoring

Could be useful, but the price is about 2x where it should be.


Agreed. I routinely see it for around mid $50’s on Amazon (still too high). But for the few outlets I’d like to replace with something like this I could swallow the cost for its appearance and its functionality with Sense.

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I like the device.

  • built-in
  • supports but doesn’t require HomeKit, Alexa, etc.
  • power monitoring

Any idea of this devices power sampling and reporting rate ?

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I would like this a lot. I have a few that I will be installing, purchased on sale.