Teckin smart plug integration


I just found these on Amazon and they have energy monitoring and are more compact that the Wemo and TP-Link HS110’s. Plus you can get 2 for less than $20



Nice find @mike_gessner
Amazon has an extra $2 off coupon today. It’s $18 for the pair.
This design is better because you don’t lose a receptacle like you do with the others.


These use the Smart Life App, similar to other plugs that have been requested in this thread:


Anything that uses the smart life app requires sending data to foreign servers for fun tionality. It’s all using a Tuya software system.

The good news is there are several
GitHub repos that have tools to flash this over the air with Tasmota and give you full local control.

However, I’m not optimistic I see sense putting forth the effort to interface smart plugs running Tasmota or Smartlife/Tuya.

Hope I’m wrong!

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I’m of the opinion that sense offers enough as far as brand diversity with smart plugs. I’ve had many of the smart things and smart life along with a few others so I have little that works with sense. But then being focused on just a few allows the quality of integration to be better. Smart plug integration wasn’t even part of sense at launch or for quite some time as far as I can see. I would rather them focus more on the roots of their product.


Well I ended up ordering a second refurbished Wemo smart plug this morning for $25 to put on my garage door because it works with Sense already and because it also works with the Smartthings hub. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that SmartThings adds TP-LINK to their device list


Reminds me of that little rascals scene. If your going to wish for a watermelon, wish for a BIG watermelon.

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