Public Device List/Database

It would be nice to have a (public) device list/database of all the types of devices that Sense has been able to identify to date along with the average, max, and min energy consumption for the device so people can see how their devices stack up against everyone else’s. For example you could check to see the average energy consumption for a fridge, or washing machine to see if your appliances are using a lot more energy than average or fall within norms. There would obviously be quite a bit of variance based on manufacturer/model/etc. but it would still be helpful to have at least a baseline. It would also be helpful to track other device details such as manufacturer, model, device age, # of devices identified to date, etc. (all available via the device database) so that people can see how their Kenmore model x washing machine compares against other people’s same device. Could ultimately be a useful tool for people looking into buying new appliances (TVs, washers, even light bulbs) who are trying to be energy conscientious. May or may not be useful for you guys as well to include the ability to submit a ticket, or just a button next to the device to flag if a user has that particular device (same manufacturer, model, etc.) but it has not been identified by their Sense monitor so that you guys could further look into potential deviations with that device to further improve your/the AIs algorithms.