Device Comparison

The ability to measure the performance of my current appliances in order to rationalize new purchases to certain other interested parties is one of the main advantages I see in bringing Sense into my home. Now that I have some preliminary data on my fridge, I would love to see how it stacks up against other user’s devices and compare makes and models. Of course there is a privacy concern here(!), but maybe this could be facilitated by giving users the ability to opt-in to sharing aggregate electrical consumption data within the community? Just musing and curious to see what others think!

P.S. Unfortunately, my 13 y.o. LG fridge is not inefficient enough to justify replacement. :upside_down_face:

My fridge seems to consume about 150W when running…and kicks on for 30 minutes and turns off for about an 1 hour in between…

Not sure if that helps… But that’s my experience… Mine is a old Maytag, and is a very basic fridge… Nothing fancy… I think we paid $350 for it 10 years ago… If this is interesting, I can go beyond guessing and can find my receipts and records to give you something more accurate…

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Thank you for sharing!

For this particular situation, I find it helpful to also consult energystar ratings and consumption estimates for new devices. For example, the current estimate that my fridge uses 427kWh seems pretty efficient.

But it would be great if there was a feature that could leverage the mass of data being generated by the community to inform decisions about purchasing a new device. Like a database that we could choose whether or not to participate in at the device-level.

No small task, but would be super cool and - I believe - add lots of value.

There already is a database… Check this forum thread.

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