Data compare on similar appliance


As more people use sense, I would like to think there is a lot of data available to compare appliances. As a new user, I just got my fridge identified. I would like to be able to compare how much energy my unit is pulling to (a) other users with the same model number and (b) to the average user (i.e.- all fridges). Is this something that could be implemented? Ultimately, what I’d like to know is, is my fridge an energy hog and should I be looking at replacing it? It’s hard to do just with google searches. I can see estimates for certain things, but it’d be nice to compare apples to apples. Just a thought…

Sense says my fridge turns on ~40x per day, for a total of ~11h.That seems like a lot to me, but I have no real knowledge about fridges. That being said, it says my total estimate is only 290kWh/year (which seems pretty good).


I have a GE GFSS6KKYCSS and I can’t even go into how much I dislike it, what a waste. it’s been discontinued I think, for good reason. It’s running at significantly over the energy rating but I can’t afford a new one right now.

the sense notes say it should run at 115av 60hz 5.2 amps




Good suggestion @Warner1281 arrner1281. To pick up on that suggestion, I would like to see Sense data on new electrical devices so before I buy them. We could see what the usage may be. Sense could monitor the devices and qualify them - collecting their data as well. It would be kind of like Energy Guide tags on appliances or MPG labels for cars. Like @Becky, I would like to have seen Sense data on my last fridge before I purchased it.


I am not convinced this would work. Take my second home which I rent out for vacation rentals sometimes. Depending on the guest the same fridge can use .9 KwH/day or 1.7. Point is it varies with the consumer.