UX and Smart Home integration thoughts

I just joined the beta program and understand there is nothing to test right now but thought I’d share a few thoughts for improvements I hope you consider in the next release.

UX improvement:
Overall the design of the app is great and relatively intuitive. The one hang up I have is the color choices for solar and power grid usage. The chart view/bubble view should match the color of the icon next to the W readout. Solar is a little too light and power grid is almost the color of the solar icon making it a little hard to tell whats what when reading the chart without looking at the numbers below. I’ve attached a mockup, this color combo is a little much on the eyes and you might want to revisit the color choices overall but this helps illustrate the point.

Smart Home integration
I’m also part of the Wink beta team and would love to see some integration. would be happy to connect you guys. I think it would increase your device detections speed. If you linked to the wink app you’d have access to the activity log that could be cross referenced with power changes. You guys are great at detecting energy hogs with a steady on off algorithm but I bet it gets a little harder to notice LED lights turning on and off. I’ve attached a screen shot from my Wink activity Log showing an example of a lighting scene I’ve created for my Kitchen. It turns on 6 lights and within the Sense live feed I’m able to identified the change in power at this timestamp. beyond improving device detection I would love to have the ability to assign a few high power drain items to kick off if I have a dip in solar production, could be super handy and possible within wink if it had access to your data sets

again just some thoughts, Hope I’m using this forum correctly as I’m new


Welcome to the beta @jhastings2! Moving this over to our feature requests section just to keep the beta group focused on current features we’re working through, but most grateful for your insights here, and excited to hear more peoples thoughts on them as well.

No Wink integration yet, but Sense has Integrations with Ecobee, Hue, TP-Link/Kasa, Wemo and Wiser to help with device detection and power monitoring.

Plus there are IFFFT, Alexa and Google Assistant integration.