Add more color options to power meter and now pages

I think most of the Sense interface looks great, and I like the orange/green color scheme on the Trends page. However, the Dark Orange/Light Orange color scheme (for consumption & solar production) on the Power Meter page is more difficult to parse, and I sometimes forget which color corresponds to production and which is for consumption. Why not add a Green/Orange color option for the Power Meter page (labeled as the ‘Now’ page in the app)? Or better yet, let the user choose which two colors they want to see? This would also be very useful to people with colorblindness, as orange on orange is going to look like two shades of gray to most colorblind folks. Allowing the user to choose the colors would help someone with visual impairment customize the app to make it easier for them to see.

Another point of visual design confusion - the Power Meter/Now page shows an orange sun icon next to solar production and a green plug icon next to power consumption. It would make more visual sense if the color of those icons matched the corresponding color of the graph segments.

Again, I think the ‘Trends/Usage’ page is right on the money, so at very least just carry that visual style over to the ‘Power Meter/Now’ page.

Thanks for your hard work Sense team!