Hues of orange?


I’m sorry if I overlooked this in any of the FAQs on the website or elsewhere on this community forum: Could someone please explain the meaning of the different hues of orange in the bubbles? Obviously, “Solar” is the more yellow-ish color and “unknown” shows as gray. “Always On” shows as the same solid orange as the Sense logo. But it seems there are varying hues of orange on the devices. Does it have anything to do with the level of certainty, i.e. how well the device has been detected? Thanks.


Hi there, we actually have not mentioned this on our website anywhere, so thanks for the question.
The different oranges do not have meaning, but are device-specific - one hue of orange would normally stay with one device. However, if you force quit / destroy the app and then re-open it, the same device might have a new color.


Thanks, Maarja-Liis. That helps. (I’ll stop trying to read a deeper meaning into the hues… :smile:)


It would be interesting if the hues could be user assigned via a palette selection for the device (probably a limited selection). Then the user could set color groupings of their choice to easily identify lights vs heating elements or however they want to view their data with a glance at the bubbles. obviously if unassigned you would still want to have a default similar to the current state so that users that weren’t interested in assigning colors wouldn’t have everything the same color.


I didn’t want to start another topic… but my question is similar… (i am on android system and have solar)

3 shades of orange in the graph looking at timeline… no explanation anyplace i can find.

whats with the overlay?

An orange color (i think is solar power being generated) ?

pinkish with an orange crest is useage/consumption ?

it would be good to add the watts numerically so we could see values on the graph, +23w or -54w does not mean much

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