Different Colored Bubbles - What are they?

I have the ‘basic’ Sense (i.e., no solar), but also with 2×CTs/DCMs, and few TP-Link smart Plugs (KP115 and HS300). In the beginning, all bubbles were orange and the ‘Other’ bubble was gray. Now, I see bubbles with a different shade of orange.

I know the Solar option uses different colors (I think I’ve seen some screen-shots in this forum), but my question is: What are the different shades/colors, and what do they mean?

Thank You

There’s no meaning conveyed by the different bubble shades. It’s just done to visually differentiate them.

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Ok, are the colors just ‘randomly’ assigned then? Incidentally, the shades of Orange are only visible on the iOS apps (both iPhone and iPad), not on the web interface.

Yes, I think they’re random. It’s probably a different visualization library they’re using on mobile vs. web, so implementing that feature on web might not have been worth it.