Customize Ball View - change color for Smart Plug items

In the “Now” view on the mobile App would love to be able to change the color of the balls representing smart plug items to another color.

For Example - ability to for my account like this:
Solar - Yellow
Sense Detected - Shades of Orange
Other - Grey
Smart Plug - Blue or Green?
Always On - another color? (red perhaps)?

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For reference, this has come up before:

I tend to agree that color would be good with some caveats:

  • Rare modal color change usage can be powerful. e.g red = problem

  • The more colors there are the more confusing it can be when switching interfaces from say Now Bubbles to Devices (where gray = OFF, for example)

Perhaps the basic reason there aren’t colors (yet) is because complexity mounts quickly when all considerations are made. This is the norm for most of what Sense has to deal with so I credit them with keeping this visually pleasing and direct in the meantime.

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I’m almost always a proponent of customization being in the configuration choices of the End User.

I put the colors i’d probably use. But the request is for the ability to configure that myself. I should be able to set it, change it, and restore to defaults if I want to from a setting page.

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