Bubbles and their colors

I was wondering what the different shades of orange on the bubbles represent. Also is there a way to add a third color for devices plugged into smart plugs?


They mean nothing at all. If they were all the same color/shade, it’d be very challenging to visually differentiate them. That said, Always On and Other are always the same shade/color.

No, at this time you cannot customize colors. Can I ask why you’d want a separate color for smart plugs? So you can easily ID devices you can control? Would you want the same for Hue bulbs?

Yeah I just wanted to be able to look at the bubbles and be able to quickly distinguish between the smart plug devices and the ones that sense detected itself and also having lights hue lights a different color would be awesome as well. I didn’t think about the lights because mine haven’t been detected yet because they aren’t in a bridge and are currently being controlled via my echo plus.