Device page smart plug button color?

Does anyone know what this means?
When viewing smart plugs on the device page, green indicates “on” while gray is “off”, what does the lighter shade of green and gray mean?
Although the colors are different and not as vibrant as usual, the smart plugs still operate properly.

Good question, I’d be interested to know as well.

Could one be the device is actually powered off and the other is when the device is power off my the smart plug? Just guessing.

Communications issue?

Are you seeing device activity in the Power Meter for those devices using juice but light green?

I’m unable to determine any difference at all. They power on/off correctly and I tested the app by cycling all plugs from the Sense App.
If you look at the “Consew” devices, these are plugged in side by side in an HS300

I do notice “graying” of the icons but only briefly when swiping into the app, i.e. when it’s relaunching.

Perhaps your continued graying (delayed?) is an indication of a slower re-connect to the smartplug communication. How many plugs are your running?

How could that be?
If the two plugs are on the same smart strip?
Only using 1 hs110 and 2 hs300

This is definitely abnormal. If they’re working fine, then unlikely to be a connection issue. Looks to be some sort of UI bug that we haven’t seen before. It’d be helpful if you shot a message over to Support about it.

I think I may ha e figured it out. After resetting Sense and these smart plugs were detected, some had electricity used through them and others had not. The ones that were detected and had only been in idle state appear to be the ones of the odd shade.
Something like Sense could see them but there wasn’t any use.
Today, they all look like they should. Over the weekend I had used every plug. I can’t say for sure this was what the difference is but it’s my best guess.

I managed to do a screenshot of similar state … it seems related to both the communications and standby power threshold settings for the light-green “on” … which would also speak to what is considered “off”.

I ruled out communication as the screenshots I showed are of two plugs on the same HS300 strip.
Each of the six plugs on the strip don’t communicate individually

A swipe in and out of the app gave me a single momentary HS300-connected device in light green (low threshold power) that went solid green when renentering the app. Other active (on) devices on the same strip didn’t change from solid green. Meanwhile other plugs went from n/a to off. I assume there’s a “reconnect” attempt when activating the app.

Mine sat like this for 2 full days. I kept going back and checking on it to watch for a change. I had to sew a leather purse yesterday and when I turned on the light, the button color changed. I then ran lower through the other plugs and they also changed.
It wasn’t momentarily for me
I have had connection issues with an HS110 but don’t recall the button color being different