Phantom Kasa Plugs

@Brightonuk , maybe you can describe what smart hardware you do have in your house.

  • Are you using any Kasa smart plugs ? You obviously have the integration turned on.
  • Any Kasa emulation, like SenseLink ?
  • Any other brands of smartplugs ?

More info would be helpful.

Did you recently plug in a HS300 Kasa power-strip? They have 6 outlets each. Maybe that’s what Sense is finding. You didn’t really post a question in your post … is there something specific you are asking?

I sent this to Mirza at Sense and guess he will read it Monday but here it is:

I installed a Kasa HS300 back on Aug 7th I removed it on August 9th +/- Sence still was finding it I did the deactivate but it was stiull showing up.

On Aug 11th I installed one Kasa KP-115 and then uninstalled hoping that I could solve this issue

Every time I click “home” I get repeating pop up’s that sense has found the HS300s and then a D_615 (which I assume is the 115)
I click the “Check It Out” then but they just pop up again it takes 5-10 try’s to get to the home screen. (also tried just “X” out of the popup but that does not solve the issue ether)

I deleted both from the Kasa app and also the Sense App (TP link is “Not Enabled”) also no smart plugs are showing up in the app
I also deleted the Kasa App. but they keep repopulating on the home screen.
In addition, I have hundreds of notes that Sense found the HS300 or The KP115 that keep populating very 5 mins starting back on Aug 7th
I have tried deleting them but they keep repopulating as well.

It was working fine (still waiting to detect anything)
The only other thing that I turned on was Alexa

I do not have any other "Smart Devices installed I have some KP115s and two EcoBee thermometers waiting to be installed/Pluged in.

I need Sense to stop finding these phantom smart plugs so they dont keep populating in the home screen and in in notes (I have even more in notes probably over 1000 now)

@Brightonuk , you’ve probably already tried this, but have you tried turning off the TP-Link Energy Monitoring Smart Plug Integration in Settings > Connected Devices ?

Yep tried that
“I deleted both from the Kasa app and also the Sense App (TP link is “Not Enabled”) also no smart plugs are showing up in the app
I also deleted the Kasa App but they keep repopulating on the home screen”.

Also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Sense app as well but they are still populating

Thanks - I asked because you didn’t explicitly say you turned off as a separate step. It was mixed in with removing / replacing the App.

I think a “reset of data” or “factory reset” will be the next step unless Mirza tells me otherwise.
And on that option what is the difference between doing one or the other?
As I see it I lose any data the Sence has acquired ether way.
I will have to start over

It has not found any devices yet I am still at “Other” and “Always On” stage so what am I losing if I do reset it?

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I hope the issues I have and that I have helps other users, as for me this is a trial and error journey.
Also I am sure for the first few months I will be a regular poster here and on Reddit asking mundane irrelevant questions.
I only hope the smarter ones (which includes most other users) we be patient with me and offer suggestions.

So please check my new post over on installation as I will be resetting the Sense as I need to move it to another panel and will explain my fist mistake.
(After moving the unit to its new home post here to say I no longer have the phantom Kasa Plugs issue)

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Hi BrightonUK - Our Sense team identified an issue with data processing and users might experience multiple device events and alerts. You can subscribe to receive status updates at In the meantime, if you find this issue particularly disruptive, you can turn off the notifications.
To do this, go here:



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What a crap response from Sense. We found an issue and if you don’t like it then turn off the notifications :joy::joy::joy: ive got to be over 200 notifications in 24 hours at this point!

Looks like the issue has been fixed. I guess you didn’t look at as suggested ??

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Yey No more phantom plugs :grin:

I never knew about the site a great resource

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Well just because they say it’s fixed doesn’t mean it is, and it’s not.

Ye of little faith

Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know that the issue where you may have received multiple notifications for one event should now be resolved.

If you haven’t opened your Sense app yet today, it is possible you will find you will receive an initial barrage of “device detected” notifications from a device yesterday or earlier. You should not receive any notifications from new devices as of today.

If you run into duplicate notifications moving forward, please let me know.

Thanks again for your patience while we worked to help you.


I have removed plugs from service how do delete them from the Sense App

@Brightonuk, when you say “taking them out” what do you mean ??

  • Plugging a different device into one ? - Just change the name and info for the star plug
  • Moving it to another building ? - Just ignore - name it zzz so it falls to the bottom
  • Want to get Reid of all smart plugs ? - Turn off Integration. You can turn it back on and old smart plugs will be forgotten (unless you still have some plugged in and on the same network segment as Sense)
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Not using them unplugged them
Tried that they are still showing grayed out on the app

Ended up resetting the Sense …again as all I had was the usual Always on and Other bubbles
At least now I think it is wired correctly pulling from both legs

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I am still getting multiple notifications that Sense “found a new device” (the same one) usually from some time in the past.
I “X” out of them but they keep coming back

And “always on” notifications repeating themselves
I have tried adjusting the threshold wattage but still get these notifications.

Basically any notification I get just keep repeating.